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We call it "Experiences with Impact".  That means we ensure that all the income we get from you, our guests, contributes towards lasting support for the local population. All overnight stays as well as activities or excursions booked through Africa Amini Life directly benefit the social, medical and educational projects of Africa Amini Alama.


This is where experiences can truly make a difference for all concerned. You are welcome to visit all of our projects free of charge during your stay.



In 2008, Christine Wallner set up a new medical practice in Tanzania, more specifically in the small town of Momella.  The practice built on her interest in traditional healing and ethnic medicines. She founded Africa Amini Alama and built an infirmary, schools and workshops for carpenters, bricklayers and mechanics.

Her daughter Cornelia Wallner-Frisee joined her two years later and together they run this charitable organisation. Each project is managed by local people to achieve long-term self-reliance. More than 200 employees treat around 100 patients every day and look after around 1000 children.


  • We believe change begins in the next generation.

  • There are currently three primary schools and three secondary schools.

  • The aim is to offer the children an English speaking education which will lead to employment

  • The setting up of vocational schools mean that young people from poor families can complete apprenticeships in carpentry, bricklaying or mechanics.

  • Girls in the Maasai country are given the opportunity of a good education 

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  • Christine Wallner and her daughter are trained doctors.

  • In 2010 they opened the Africa Amini Hospital.

  • In 2022 we opened a centre for preventative care and natural healing.

  • We have a “driving doctors” programme by which medical teams travel to remote Maasai areas to offer medical assistance.

  • When you holiday with us, you are in the best of hands and close to medical care.


  • Around 40 children are cared for in the orphanage, our Kindervilla.

  • Sponsorships enable these children to go to school.

  • Maasai and Meru women's groups and a women's choir have been established which are intended to secure a minimum income for the women.

  • Water projects have been implemented to ensure clean drinking water.

  • Even in dry seasons, the Maasai regions can now draw water from Kilimanjaro.

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For more information you can download our brochure

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