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Image by Sergey Pesterev



While your family members or friends climb Africa's highest mountain, Kilimanjaro, you can enjoy some time in the foothills and get a deep insight into the culture of the locals.  You will also have the opportunity to get involved in our work at Africa Amini Alama.


We will put together an individual program for you whilst your family members and friends are doing their climb. After their climb, they can be picked up directly by us and you can enjoy a few more days together.

Here is an example of what your program might look like:

A warm welcome awaits you at the Maasai Lodge. After a lodge tour and a little refreshment, you can settle into your room. Enjoy a drink on your terrace with a view of Kilimanjaro. 
Explore the terrain: hills and endless views.  Spear throwing takes place later in the afternoon on Sunset Hill. The Maasai will show you their lion hunting techniques and you can show off your javelin-throwing talent too! Experience the traditional Maasai dance at sunset. The warrior chants and leaps will impress you!

At the campfire, the Maasai talk about their family and culture. They are happy to answer questions. MTV (Maasai TV) will continue after dinner.




I was really keen to just try and see a little bit more of real life and have time to do that.  I had done enough of the classic organized visits to a Maasai village!!!
We both went to Rwanda & Uganda beforehand to see gorillas. We were looking for a third week and investigated Kenya and Tanzania – my husband would either climb Mt Kenya or Kili.   This is a normal part of a holiday for us...he needs to climb a mountain if it is there! 
I guess my big thing was finding something I could do that wasn't safari.  I thought a charity might appreciate help with something/anything….but actually only AAA were willing to welcome me without being a teacher/nurse/engineer etc.  I really appreciated that.  
Maybe a fear for some people will be having their loved one doing something as extreme as Kili.   James is experienced so I had no doubt that he could do the climb.  However, I would say that the trips are so well organized and the care you receive from the mountain guides is second to none - James was super impressed (and he has climbed all over the world so lots to compare with) so they should know that they are in safe hands.  
Some people might fear being on their own in a strange place too.  I guess if someone came to me with any fears about the holiday, I would say:
•    You are cared for the moment you arrive and welcomed as “one of us”
•    You will be accompanied by trusted staff wherever you go
•    There is something new and different to occupy you every day
•    Your loved one is in safe hands whilst climbing 
•    You will have time to enjoy a moment in authentic Africa and a moment for you; (a moment of self-discovery?).
•    The days will fly by whilst you enjoy an Africa you wouldn't otherwise see.
It's funny but until you get to AAA it's difficult to describe how wonderful it is... I just remember arriving at little Hillside and just thinking this is heaven; the thought of a giraffe wandering in the garden! ...and then arriving at my room at Maasai Lodge and looking out over the endless steppe and just feeling an enormous spiritual I was home.



If you are interested in the Kilimanjaro Begelit program, you can request an offer from us free of charge. We will then send you all further details and the costs by e-mail.

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