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  • Tour through Africa Amini Alama social projects (e.g. Africa Amini Alama schools Worseg vision, Lendoya school, Vocational Training School, tailoring/women's group, KinderVilla)

  • Sunset between Mount Meru and Mount Kilimanjaro

  • Visit local markets (including Fridays in Ngare Nanyuki)

  • Visit the local church


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  • Sinya Safari

  • Arusha National Park Safari

  • Tarangire overnight safari in tents

  • Serengeti & Ngorongoro Crater Safari

  • Mountaineering on Meru or Kilimanjaro



The Meru River, which borders Arusha National Park, can be walked most of the way from the source to Maasai land. Trek downstream from the crystal clear spring waters, a perfect place to take a plunge, through unspoilt landscapes until the journey finally takes you back to civilisation. Chance encounters with giraffes, dik-dik, and various species of birds complete the two-hour walk. Children playing, young shepherds leading their flocks and women washing their clothes in the river will also cross your path. After an idyllic picnic lunch at the foot of Mount Meru, the river walk ends in the village of Ngarenanyuki. It is representative of its lively African village feel. Follow the river from the heart of the national park to the bustling village. Nature and culture become one in a very special way.

Cost: USD 35 per person (minimum 2 people)


Experience the vastness of Africa up close on the Maasai and Meru plateau between Meru and Kilimanjaro at 1,500 meters. Our experienced guides will lead you through exceptional flora and fauna along trails only known to locals. Both the Meru Land Swamp and the Maasai Savannah are unique and untouched. The vast savannah is home to countless medicinal herbs used by the Maasai. Various animals such as turtles, birds or snakes find breeding grounds in the swamp of Meru. In many Meru legends, the swamp is considered the home of pythons. In fact, it is not recommended to enter the area during the rainy season. It's easy to lose track of time when picnicking on an island covered in meter-tall spurges.

Cost: USD 35 per person (minimum 2 people)


Between Momella and Ngabobo, north of Mount Meru, lies the village of Mukuru. A small, pyramid-shaped hill at the foot of Mount Meru is the landmark of the area. This hill, Ol Doinyo Landaree, is still used for religious purposes by the Maasai. It is not a tourist destination but we are allowed to visit from time to time. Birdlife is plentiful, giraffes feed on fine acacia leaves and zebras share pasture with the local cattle. A place of peace and contemplation.

Cost: USD 50 per person



Attending a typical Meru or Maasai wedding, initiation rite or other ritual ceremonies can be the highlight of your African vacation. Our involvement in various projects that have helped a large number of people has resulted in a close and friendly relationship between Africa Amini Alama and the local people. And of course we like to celebrate together. We cordially invite you to participate in these festivals. We provide you with traditional clothing to fit in with the colorful local community, whether it's the red tones of your Maasai shuka or a very colorful kanga. You will find yourself in another world, at least for a few hours.

Cost: USD 50 per person


If you are planning to celebrate your birthday or wedding anniversary in Tanzania, you can make it an unforgettable experience. Invite your local neighbors and celebrate a festival of different cultures together. The preparation of a goat, the sharing of a meal and the joy of life expressed in traditional dances. This will be a day you will never forget.

Traditional and customary practices, such as special dances and singing, are part of every social event.

Cost: USD 500 to USD $1000 (depending on the number of guests and the schedule)


We accompany and support you with the help of various natural healing methods from different cultures.

  • Scenar therapy, laser therapy or vital field therapy

  • acupuncture and neural therapy

  • Orthomolecular medicine and therapy suggestions for at home

  • Herb-based African healing traditions

  • Homeopathic complex preparations



Excursions around Momella

Walks with an emphasis on local medicinal plants

Naturopathic treatments in our healing center

Special Maasai day

Visit a Maasai boma

Visiting a local family (Possible because we are fully integrated into the community)

Hot Springs

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