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This transformative six-day adventure promises not just a journey through the stunning landscapes of Tanzania, but a profound healing journey into nature. Each day is crafted to offer a deeper connection with your environment and its people, nourishing your soul and imparting wonder at Africa’s natural bounty.


Visiting the sacred site of Mukuru in the heart of Maasailand offers an exclusive opportunity to interact with the ancient healing traditions of the Maasai tribe. Your stay directly supports their children’s education at Mukuru Primary School, and grants you the opportunity to give back for what you will receive in blessings from their elders.


Enjoy the morning and a delicious lunch at either Hillside Retreat or Original Maasai Lodge, and ready yourself for
your adventure. We set off in the afternoon towards
Mukuru’s Sacred Site. There you will settle into your tent – your home for the next few days. The Maasai will introduce you to the history of this sacred site.
Experience a meditative sundowner, followed by a dinner and traditional medicine administered by the elders.

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Today you will explore the most famous mountain in the area: Mt Mukuru. It was the only sacred mountain of the Maasai in Mukuruland 200-300 years ago. In the
afternoon, return to your tent and then devote yourself to meditation or take time for contemplation in your favourite place. At the campfire, you will roast precooked roots together with the Maasai.
This is also the moment to ask your Maasai guide all the questions that are close to your heart.


Today you will be taken by your Maasai guide to the Maasai’s most sacred placesstill used today. Until now, these places were not accessible to anyone outside of
Maasai community. The Maasai have now decided - for an indefinite period of time - to allow a select group of people access to this holiest place. In return, the
Maasai ask their guests to make a donation of $250 to help buy food for the two Mukuru schools.

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Experience a food ceremony with a Maasai family and share a meal with them before driving to remote villages to get to know the Maasai way of life even better.


Today you will experience the energy of young Maasai children in the baby class at Mukuru School. You will eat with them, play and experience how much spiritual
energy resembles that of an open child. Afterwards, the people of this area present their handicraft and will be
delighted if you buy one or two pieces for yourself.

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You will climb a hill behind the secondary school that is still under construction and look out over the wide
savannah of Mukuruland with Kilimanjaro in the distance. You will sense how similar the energy of the campsite resembles that of the summit of Kilimanjaro. This is the energy of the new world, of gentleness, of togetherness
without wars. In the afternoon, enriched by all your
experiences of the last few days, you will drive to Africa Amini’s Original Maasai Lodge or Hillside Retreat.


Single tent USD 160 per person
Double tent USD 120 per person


Single cave USD 210 per person
Double cave USD 150 per person



You can also book the camp exclusively.

Price on request.


Rates on full board basis including transport to close by locations if needed.

All components of the itinerary as well as activities from other packages can be
adapted to your preferences. Please let us know any changes you would like to

make and we will create a personalised itinerary for you.


For more information and inquiries about this trip, please contact us.

WhatsApp: +255 759 970 245

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